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Discover the Value of Membership

Capital CreditsLittle River is able to return capital credits to its members after the board has determined the cooperative’s finances are sound. Capital credit funds are derived from margins, money your cooperative has left over at the end of the year after the co-op has received all revenue and paid expenses.

Little River Electric is holding unclaimed capital credits for members or former members. If you received service from LRECI and your name is on the searchable database, please let us know.


Surges and blinks— what’s the difference?

One can damage electronics, the other prevents outages Have you ever noticed your lights blink during a thunderstorm? Or perhaps you’ve had to reset the microwave clock after a storm. When this happens, you’ve likely experienced a brief disruption to your electric service, which could result from a power surge or blink. While the symptoms […]

Know the signs of a scam

Utility scams have been around for a long time, but scammers have recently changed tactics due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While scam artists still may come to your door, attempts are more likely to come through an electronic device, via email, phone, or text. Here are two common types of scams. Cutoff con: A scammer […]

Use backup generators safely

Little River Electric’s number one priority is keeping our employees, members, families, and the public safe. Electricity is a wonderful thing but only when it’s used properly. It’s easy to take electricity for granted and forget how dangerous it can be. Caution is especially urged when using backup generators. If you use a backup generator […]

Little River to propose new bylaws

At the 2022 Annual Meeting on Sept. 17, Little River Electric Cooperative members will be asked to vote on new bylaws proposed by the Board of Trustees. The new bylaws will establish best practices in service to members and provide substantial financial savings for the cooperative and members going forward. The full statement of proposed […]