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Capital CreditsLittle River is able to return capital credits to its members after the board has determined the cooperative’s finances are sound. Capital credit funds are derived from margins, money your cooperative has left over at the end of the year after the co-op has received all revenue and paid expenses.

Little River Electric is holding unclaimed capital credits for members or former members. If you received service from LRECI and your name is on the searchable database, please let us know.


We’re ready for winter, are you?

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter officially began on Dec. 21. For those of us in the southern United States, actual signs of the season typically don’t begin in earnest until January, which usually has longer periods of freezing or near-freezing temperatures. If that frigid air is joined by precipitation, it can […]

New year, new ways to save

Is saving money on your list of 2021 New Year’s resolutions? You can go ahead and check that one off, because Little River Electric Cooperative gives you great ways to save on products, entertainment, travel, and healthcare. The Co-op Connections card and mobile app is a money-saving tool that connects you with discounts at home […]

Adapting to a challenging year

Whew, what a year! Normally, I am sad to see a year pass by so fast, but this year seems to have been long and full of unexpected historical events. Hopefully, going into the holiday season, we can all take a break from the “new normal” and get back to enjoying family and friends like […]

Lineworkers resume training at Hoyt Williams Center

When COVID-19 presents challenges, South Carolina’s electric cooperatives seem to find ways to overcome them. The pandemic forced a temporary halt to in-person classes at the Hoyt L. Williams Training Center, the facility operated by The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina where many of the state’s lineworkers develop their skills and knowledge and earn lineman […]