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Hard Work Never Quits

Day or night, rain or shine, we’re here for you. We’re not your typical energy company, we’re a local, not-for-profit electric cooperative. We live in the communities we serve and work hard to improve quality of life for all. More about the cooperative difference is at TouchstoneEnergy.com

Save Money & Energy

Did you know even small changes can make a big impact on your bill? Use our efficiency tips to save energy and money on your power bill.

Member-Powered, Community-Driven
Consumer cooperatives, like Little River Electric Cooperative, have known this forever. We were formed in 1940 by people in this community to serve the people that work, worship and live in this community.

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Discover the Value of Membership

Capital CreditsLittle River is able to return capital credits to its members after the board has determined the cooperative’s finances are sound. Capital credit funds are derived from margins, money your cooperative has left over at the end of the year after the co-op has received all revenue and paid expenses.

Little River Electric is holding unclaimed capital credits for members or former members. If you received service from LRECI and your name is on the searchable database, please let us know.


Better efficiency, reliability

Several years ago, Little River began conversion work on all of the distribution system in McCormick County, which was then served by two of our older substations. We changed everything—transformers, regulators, insulators, arrestors, and all sectionalizing equipment. Why? For efficiency. The voltage will be higher on the new substations. Using higher voltages minimizes power loss, […]

An easy way to help: For small change, members make a big difference

Little River members have an easy way to make a difference in their community through Operation Round Up. “In 2019, members contributed over $31,000 to help their neighbors in need,” says Tricia Smith, the co-op’s member services and communications director. “That’s the cooperative spirit in action. And just think: If all members round up, we […]

Bring 2020 into focus

Happy New Year, everyone! I sincerely hope each of you had a great holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time of year that brings families together to enjoy one another and share wonderful memories of holidays past. It’s an amazing time with decorations, gifts and food. Yes, good ol’ home cooking is always a […]

All systems go as we finish out another good year

As we approach the end of 2019, I’d like to update you, our members, on some of our projects and accomplishments this year. Little River began installing an AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system in late 2019. Now near completion, this project will provide us with a lot of valuable data. The system will allow us […]

Hear what students learned on co-op-sponsored trips this summer

Three local students will assist members at Little River Electric’s annual meeting August 10, where they’ll also share their experiences on this summer’s Washington Youth Tour and South Carolina Cooperative Youth Summit. Little River sponsored two students on the Youth Tour, held June 15-20 in the nation’s capital: Laura Janae Martin, daughter of Carolyn Crosby […]

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