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Capital CreditsLittle River is able to return capital credits to its members after the board has determined the cooperative’s finances are sound. Capital credit funds are derived from margins, money your cooperative has left over at the end of the year after the co-op has received all revenue and paid expenses.

Little River Electric is holding unclaimed capital credits for members or former members. If you received service from LRECI and your name is on the searchable database, please let us know.


Thank a lineworker on April 12

Little River Electric Cooperative lineworkers are some of the most visible employees of the co-op. Our lineworkers work tirelessly to ensure our community receives safe, reliable power. “Lineworker” is listed as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. Little River Electric’s lineworkers perform difficult tasks near high-voltage power lines. Regardless of […]

You may get a survey from us

Completing it helps us provide you with reliable power. A modern electrical grid requires more than just sturdy infrastructure and dependable lineworkers to keep your power on. Delivering reliable and affordable energy to you in the future requires an understanding of how you use electricity. What kind of heating/cooling system do you have? Which large […]

Co-op adjusts solar rate

I hope everyone has stayed healthy and safe during the pandemic. As we move forward this year, our office lobby will remain closed until it is determined to be safe and health officials are secure in the fact that herd immunity has been reached. We continue to provide our members with reliable service and to […]

Partnering with local food pantries

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program through which Little River members agree to allow the co-op to round their electric bill up to the next whole dollar. Members contribute an average of about $6 per year. ORU funds assist co-op members facing emergencies such as house fires, unexpected medical expenses and other setbacks. A […]